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Compass Coming Soon

Compass Coming Soon is a program designed to give homeowners a unique advantage in the competitive real estate market. The program allows homeowners to list their homes for sale before they’re officially on the market, giving potential buyers a sneak peek of the property and an opportunity to express interest before it hits the market.

With Compass Coming Soon, homeowners can take advantage of pre-marketing tactics, such as targeted advertising and social media campaigns, to generate buzz and build excitement around their property. This can help attract potential buyers who are eager to secure a new home, giving sellers an advantage in a competitive market.

The Compass Coming Soon program is only available to Compass clients, and it’s designed to help homeowners sell their homes faster and for a higher price. By generating interest and excitement around a property before it officially hits the market, homeowners can build momentum and generate multiple offers, allowing them to choose the best possible offer for their property.

The program is also ideal for buyers who are eager to find the perfect home. By providing a sneak peek of properties before they’re officially listed, Compass Coming Soon gives buyers an opportunity to express interest and potentially secure a property before it’s even available to the general public.